56: Paola Irun on turning points


When theater artist Paola Irun’s father became ill, she made the choice to end her visa, her time in New York City, and return home to Paraguay. His eventual passing changed everything and sent Paola on a journey to find that “something” that had always been missing.  We talk about how grief led her into the worlds of boxing, yoga, and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her art and life in Paraguay.



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Translation of opening audio:

I live my life the way I can. I do what I can. I go on as I can. But then the universe hits you with something. BAM! And everything stops, everything becomes still, paralyzed, immobile.

And I thought about stopping today (March 8th, International Women’s Day), because today March 8th everything stopped, the world stopped, women stopped. And then, I told myself … my way of stopping is to make people listen to me, to listen to what I have to say. People need to listen to us. And not just right now but all through the night! …. LISTEN

From the play “NOMBRE” which had to be cancelled due to corona virus pandemic, 4 days after its opening